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ALAAMEA Alliance

The purpose of ALAAMEA is to provide a place for Tulane faculty and staff from historically marginalized communities (e.g., Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian/Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, Mixed Race, LGBTQ+, people living with disabilities, people raised in working class and other marginalized class backgrounds, age) to connect and thrive together, fostering our own resilience and resistance to interlocking oppressions. We welcome our important allies, co-conspirators, and accomplices into ALAAMEA as important partners in creating nourishing and liberatory environments at Tulane.


ALAAMEA was originally formed in 2015 to "provide strategic advocacy to Asian, Latino, African American, Multi-Ethnic, and LGBTIQ faculty and staff," while also serving as a space for allies to these communities at Tulane. Although the ALAAMEA umbrella has expanded to include multiple other faculty and staff affinity groups, we retain the ALAAMEA name to honor and recognize the early ALAAMEA faculty and staff founders, leaders, and members who championed equity and justice work across our university.