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Membership Application

To receive a membership application, please contact Gina Allen at

Qualifications for Membership

A member may be:

  • An individual is considered to be a member of The Alliance if she/he is employed by Tulane University and is current with her/his dues.
  • Ex-officio membership – includes former staff and faculty members or affiliates of Tulane with paid dues. They have limited voting rights.

Membership Dues

For the academic year beginning in August, the annual dues for all members shall be due in August and payable to the Treasurer (or designee).

Dues shall be determined by salary.

Salary Breakdown   Dues

Less than $25,000  - $15

$25,000 - $49,000 - $25

$50,000 - 74,999 - $35

$75,000 and above - $55


Dues paid between January 1 and July 31 of the academic year shall be prorated to half the designated amount if the payee is a new member of the organization. 

  • Alumni shall pay $10.00 for five years immediately following graduation. 
  • After five years, dues for Alumni will be set at $50.00. 

Membership dues will be used for normal business of the organization, events, and approved activity by the membership.